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Qubani Ka Meetha

Rs:199.00|| $3.06

Double ka meetha paradise

Rs:229.00|| $3.52

Naan From Paradise

Rs:290.00|| $4.46

Rumali Roti

Rs:290.00|| $4.46

Butter Naans

Rs:299.00|| $4.6

Butter Paneer Masala

Rs:349.00|| $5.37

Palak Panner

Rs:349.00|| $5.37

Kadai Paneer

Rs:349.00|| $5.37


Rs:350.00|| $5.38

Chicken Biryani

Rs:449.00|| $6.91

Chicken Manchuria Paradise

Rs:469.00|| $7.22

Chicken Drum Sticks

Rs:489.00|| $7.52


Rs:499.00|| $7.68

Chicken Tikka Masala

Rs:499.00|| $7.68

VegetableKadai With Nonns

Rs:699.00|| $10.75

Butter Chicken With Nonns

Rs:949.00|| $14.6

Veg Family Pack

Rs:990.00|| $15.23

Chicken Family Pack

Rs:1099.00|| $16.91

Veg Jumbo Pack

Rs:1149.00|| $17.68

Mutton Family Pack

Rs:1179.00|| $18.14

Biryani- GIFT Combo - Hotel Paradise

Rs:1190.00|| $18.31

Mutton Biryani family pack with redrose bunch

Rs:1398.00|| $21.51

Chicken Jumbo Pack

Rs:1399.00|| $21.52

Mutton Biryani Jumbo Pack

Rs:1490.00|| $22.92


Rs:1549.00|| $23.83

Family pack for 5/6 persons

Rs:3290.00|| $50.62