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Two Step 3 KG Cake

Rs:3290.00|| $50.62

Pine Apple Step Cake

Rs:3399.00|| $52.29

Strawberry Step Cake

Rs:3399.00|| $52.29

Two Step Chocolate Cake - 3Kg

Rs:3490.00|| $53.69

Two Step Cake - 3Kg

Rs:3490.00|| $53.69

3 KG Step Cake

Rs:3490.00|| $53.69

3 KG Step Cake /Tier Cake

Rs:3499.00|| $53.83

2 Tier Vanilla and Strawberry

Rs:3899.00|| $59.98

Pineapple Step Cake

Rs:3999.00|| $61.52

Step Cake with Flowers

Rs:4099.00|| $63.06

5 KG Step Cake

Rs:5490.00|| $84.46